Torrei Hart loses her aunt to Corona virus (Torrei Hart mourns)

Actress Torrei Hart pathetically morns the death of her Aunt who recently died of the dreadly corona virus . The actress in expressing her grief over the death of her beloved aunt, recalled the memories shared with her aunt aunt and her children and regretted not having the opportunity to say goodbye to her aunt.

Torrei Hart took to instagram to mourn her deceased aunt. While sharing her photos, she stated,

‘I never thought I would lose you to the #coronavirus My sweet, sarcastic, funny aunt PAT, I love you so much. You are such a caring and giving soul. You knew I loved seafood and I will never forget the summer of 1987 when you made sure I had crab boils every weekend when I stayed with you in Ferry Station. (Camden NJ people y’all know where that’s at!)You spoiled me to death and let me get away with murder. I’m pretty sure that’s one of the reasons I’m a brat now. Thank you for sharing your amazing recipes with the family. No one and I mean no one will ever be able to touch your potato salad or dressing. Every holiday we always knew Aunt Pat was handling those dishes, and we never questioned it. I have so many funny moments that I got to experience with you. One of the funniest moments is when the family went to Disney World and we all were getting on the log flume ride and you asked would it be safe for you to get on. We all said yes and got on the ride. Little did we know that when we went down the last hill your wig would fly off!!! Mannn that was hilarious. Good thing one of us caught it and you didn’t have to walk around the park with a baldy!!! I love and miss you so much. Your birthday just passed and I said I was going to call you and I didn’t. I procrastinated and didn’t get to tell you your last Happy Birthday from me. I’m sorry. I will never take time and life for granted again. Happy #420 Aunt Pat!! You were the first person I ever smoked weed with. You are at peace now. Smoke one for me up there. I love you ,,