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Top Programming Languages You Should Learn to Face Unemployment during Covid-19


Top Programming Languages You Should Learn to Face Unemployment during Covid-19

Being unemployed during the coronavirus pandemic is a hard situation. As many industries aren’t active because of the lockdown, finding a new job can be an uphill battle. To move forward, many organizations have begun to hire tech professionals. For them, the coronavirus lockdown is not a barrier as they can work from home.


However, after the outbreak, as the demand for tech talent has increased, so did employers’ requirements. Coding has become vital to meet employers’ demands. Nowadays, they are in a hunt for tech talent with programming skills. If you want to increase your chances of getting a new job, you’ll need to learn how to code.


This article provides a list of the top programming languages you need to learn these days. They will help you to face unemployment as well as deal with your expenses during Covid-19.


JavaScript has allowed developers to take web development to the next level. As it allows tech talent to build dynamic sites, they can make customers’ feel engaged. But, JavaScript not only allows web developers to build the UI of a website. In fact, it can also be used for back end development.


Most full stack developers have JavaScript in their skillset. It has become necessary for building high-performance sites in less time. Many world-class organizations have used JavaScript to build their websites.


An excellent example would be Paypal. The company moved from Java to JavaScript as it increased the website’s performance. Paypal uses JavaScript on its front end and Node.Js on its back end. So, the company was able to design a visually appealing site with high performance.


Starting a career in web development will help you not only to get a new position but to get a new lifestyle. It’s one of the best entry-level tech jobs in 2020 as entry-level developers can earn, on average, $65,000 per year in the US.


Thinkful is a coding school that offers online programs to help you learn JavaScript. The company provides you with flexible part-time courses that fit your needs. As Thinkful wants you to succeed, it allows you to learn from experts in the field.


The company knows that being unemployed can be difficult. For that reason, Thinkful provides you with different types of financing options to help you deal with the expenses. Also, as they want you to join the world’s next workforce, their career support team will help you during each course.  


Python is the right tool for general purposes applications. As it’s very flexible and easy to learn, it’s a beginner-friendly programming language. Tech professionals like data scientists and data analysts love Python because it makes their job much more comfortable. As it allows them to implement machine learning algorithms, they can analyze, interpret, and visualize data more efficiently.


Data scientists are responsible for leading a company to success. By creating sophisticated insights, they help organizations to make smart moves that allow them to remain competitive. But, Python not only makes data scientists’ jobs easier. It also helps cybersecurity experts to deal with cyber threats and cyberattackers.


As there’s a huge Python community that is always willing to help, cybersecurity experts can use it in their favor. As they are responsible for searching vulnerabilities and improving systems security, they can look for cybersecurity tools already available. It makes their job less time-consuming.


During the pandemic, many people have chosen to learn Python on their own. However, nowadays, education is becoming the new currency, and having a degree or diploma is crucial. During your job search, having a degree will help you to increase your chances of getting hired.


If you are already convinced, and you want to learn Python, Kenzie Academy is the best place to do it. The company not only allows you to learn Python. In their software engineering program, you’ll also learn SQL, React, HTML, and other in-demand programming languages.


Their software engineering program is available online, making it the best choice to learn during isolation. At Kenzie Academy, you’ll learn core computer science concepts that will help you to become an attractive candidate. 


While more data is generated, the need for candidates with SQL skills has increased. SQL allows tech professionals to improve companies’ data management strategies. By having a well-organized database, organizations can create better insights to innovate the market.


Since IoT is becoming more popular, organizations have had to combine data from different sources. SQL not only allows professionals to combine databases from different sources but also to deal with large pools of data.


SQL has become essential for tech professionals like data scientists, mobile developers, and database administrators. So, if you really want to stay steps ahead of the competition, you’ll need to learn SQL.


General Assembly offers a data analytics part-time course where you can learn Excel and SQL skills. In only 10 weeks, you’ll become an outstanding tech professional with powerful data analysis and data management skills.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails has become very popular lately. As it’s one of the easiest programming languages to learn, it’s a good option for beginners. Also, web designers use RoR to build dynamic sites as it allows them to deal with complex tasks during the process. 


Ruby on Rails makes several tasks in web development less time-consuming. As a result, matching deadlines becomes easier. Ruby on Rails has a large active and helpful community where you can ask for help. Dealing with issues is more relaxed as developers with different expertise levels are available to help any time you need it.


According to Indeed, Ruby on Rails developers can make about $118,000 per year in the US. So, if you want to earn a six-figure salary, why not learn Ruby on Rails?


Learning these top programming languages is a great choice to overcome unemployment during Covid-19. As you’ll become an attractive candidate, you’ll have better job opportunities to change your way of life. As you can work from home, meeting employers’ demands won’t be a struggle during isolation. 


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