Ten Easy Steps To Woo A South African Woman You Do Not Know

South African women obviously are the most beautiful, sexy, caring and industrious women in Africa(After Nigeria…Lol). It is also amazing how Nigerian men so much love South African Women same way South Africa men love Nigerian Women.

To woo a South African women seem to require few easy steps which most people do not know. Most South African women are soft hearted, romantic and very emotional and loving.

How To Woo South African Women

To woo a real South African Woman, the man simply needs to follow this simple steps and observe the following rules:

  1. Approach: First approach matters a lot in wooing a South African woman. This is because most of the SA women attach so much importance to the man’s manner of approach and first impression counts a lot in the mind of South African women. To approach a South African women and win her attention for the first time, you must make your first approach a romantic and gentle one. This is because most of them hate rascals and touts . Try to show the woman that you are a responsible type and not just a rascal coming for mere fun except is the said South African African woman is a mere street lady.
  2. Be friendly and very jovial while talking with her: In wooing a South African woman, it is fundamental that you learn to be very friendly and jovial. If possible, learn to crack more jokes. This is because most of the responsible South African women just enjoy being happy, laughing and gisting. The more you make a South African woman to laugh and be very happy while with you, the more she becomes fond of you.
  3. Be hard working and Focused: At this juncture, it is important to state the truth. South African Women like rich men. They detest lazy men. That is the simple key every Nigerian man always use to unlock the heart of a South African woman. Make her see that you are a hustler, make her see that you are a hard working young man.
  4. Be a free and easy going person: South African women enjoy being pampered. Do everything you can to make a South African women feel safe with you. They hate violent men with passion. The safer they fel around you, the more they love you.
  5. Be a fun lover: South African women love partying, hanging out and all source of fun especially sexual fun. It is either you are good in bed or she runs away from you. So while being the best gentleman in everything,  try and be super in sex. This is one key to keep your South African woman.
  6. Be a gift giver: South African women behave like women from the western world when it comes to gifts. They love surprise gifts a lot. Try as much as you can to always surprise them with gifts no matter how small. This will make them stick to you and even shower you with more gifts.
  7. Do not bore her for once: All women hate being bored. South African women are not exception. Be as lively as you can. Every minute counts. Play with her, gist with her, takke her out and never for once make her scared of you by being violent.
  8. Be a lover, be romantic, be friendly, be jovial, be a companion, be a partner to her in everything, and also do not forget to be naughty with her, if not, she will consider you a boring person.
  9. After winning her heart, do not change and bring out the beast in you. Remain the man that wooed her. South African women are not like other women that live in the past. They live in the present. They are ever ready to let go. So at any point you begin to misbehave, they will leave you and walk away.
  10. Avoid womanizing. South African women just like every other women hate womanizers. An ordinary South African Woman is a jealous lover, very emotionally attached and can kill in a case of unfaithfulness.

This is just a simple tips to woo a South African lady and retain her love. If you can keep to these rules and tips, you will enjoy win the heart of any SA woman and also retain her love.

Meanwhile do you want to hear this? South African women are the sweetest and naughtiest.

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