Kelly Khumalo blocks 1,000 tweets for peace of mind!

Kelly Khumalo blocks 1,000 tweets for peace of mind!

Popular South African singer, actress and dancer,Kelly Khumalo has diusclosed that she has blocked 1,000 people on Twitter because of the continuous cyberbullying and cyber attacks she’s been subjected to.

Kelly seems to be  one of the most cyber-bullied celebrities in Mzansi, so when she revealed the number of people she has blocked on the Twitter streets, she got a round of applause from her core fans.

The songstress’ controversial love life has landed her in the spotlight and seen her hogging headlines multiple times.


However, Kelly is doing all she can to protect her sanity and that means on days when she doesn’t feel like clapping back, she just blocks anyone who disturbs her inner peace.

According to Kelly, ”I have recently blocked 1,000 persons on tweeter  and still counting!

Speaking on the abuse she often has to endure online, Kelly reminded her critics last year that hate had a habit of returning to its sender.

We project so much hate towards others and forget that the very same hate is enough to drive God to open a flood of blessings towards those we spend so much energy hating on,” she wrote.

She added that the more you hate people, the more blessed they are.

The songstress went on to preach that too often people forget that everyone is equal before God and they should treat others the same.

It should be noted that Kelly has always been a calm and disciplined celebrity. However, her continuous progress has always caused a lot of people to jealously criticize her.

Briefly about Kelly Khumalo

Kelly Khumalo is a South African singer, actress and dancer. She is from Spruitview in the East Rand. She was named the Best Newcomer of 2005 in the Afro Pop music circuit. In May 2013, at the 19th South African Music Awards (SAMA) held at Sun City, she won the Best Female Artist award.

She was born on the 1 November 1984 .

Kelly Khumalo