Dr Malinga vs DJ Maphorisa . Malinga now living in fear as DJ Maphorisa threatens to shoot him (VIDEO)

The issue between Dr Malinga and DJ Maphorisa has taken a another dimension. In infact as a matter of fact, the beefing has gotten to a point of concern.

Recently a video of Maphorisa, whose real name is Themba Sekowe, making threats against Dr Malinga recently went viral.

DJ Maphorisa has been having a face off with Dr Malinga, whose real name is Goodwill Malinga, for a while and said in the video that he had to decide whether he liked him or not.

“Malinga is on and off. Sometimes, he is happy and sometimes he is not.

“Malinga, you need to be straight forward with me and decide if you want us to be cool or not and fix whatever is happening with us, or leave it so that when we meet, it is war and we take out our guns and involve security,” he said.

The video soon went viral and Malinga revealed he was scared for his life.

“I don’t know why he said those things. If I have done something wrong to him, he needs to tell me so I can apologise and move past this,” he said.

“I would also like to put it out there that no matter how excited he gets, he must never promise me guns in his life.”

Malinga said he was giving the amapiano producer time to apologise or he would take steps to protect himself.

“I have proof that my life may be in danger. Although I am not afraid of him, I fear for my life because my family still needs me as I am the breadwinner,” he said.

“I am definitely not jealous of him. He has done well for himself and the last thing I want to see him do is jeopardise his career by doing stupid things such as gangsterism and promising guns.”