Coronavirus in South Africa: Is South Africa Safe From This Coronavirus Pandemic?

Coronavirus as we all know has become a global pandemic. All countries all over the world are in one way or the other suffering the effect of this coronavirus pandemic.

Is there cases of coronavirus in South Africa?

South African at the moment is one of the countries in Africa that has recorded high number pf cases of coronavirus.  Presewntly there are over 200 coronavirus cases in South Africa.

Has Anyone dies of coronavirus in South Africa?

Despite the high cases of coronavirus already recorded in South Africa, it is very important to note that no case of death has been recorded in South Africa as a result of coronavirus .

Coronavirus has been reported to have a life span and capable of being defeated by the infected person if the person has highly active immune system. It has also been reported to have a more drastic effect on the old persons and people who are already having an underlying medical issues.

How Can I Stay Safe From Coronavirus In South Africa?

The world hHealth Organization in fighting against this pandemic coprovirus has provided some protective measures which will help keep an individual safe from being infected. According to the WHO, every individual is encouraged to do the following to avoid spreding or contacting the pandemic coronavirus

  1. Wash your hand with soap for at least 20 seconds every 15 minutes or as much as possible.
  2. Cough and sneeze into your elbow not palm(hands)
  3. Drink hot water often. For now, avoid cold drinks. Drink plenty water
  4. Use alcohol based hand sanitizer
  5. Above all, stay at home for now
  6. If you notice any symptom, stay indoor, contact your doctor.
  7. Do not panic, but simply adhere to the simple precautionary measures.

What has the South African Government done to contain this corona virus?

The SA Government has taken a lot of proactive steps to contain the spread of this coronavirus in South Africa, ranging from equipping the hospitals with the necessary medical equipment, funding and equipping the medical personnel, enlightening the masses on the safety measures and more importantly the travel restriction and border closures.

Has Any South African Politician Tested Positive to Coronavirus?

Presently no political office holder in south Africa has been reported positive of the coronavirus.

However it should be noted that the virus is not a respecter of anyone. We must endeavor to maintain our personal hygiene, adhere to the safety measures and pray ceaselessly to God to save us from this virus.