Corona virus in South Africa: Current Effects Of Corona Virus Pandemic in South Africa at the moment

Corona virus in South Africa

It is no news that the whole world is being placed in the most difficult situation currently. This is occasioned by the ravaging and deadly corona virus pandemic that has taken the world not only by surprise but also by chance.

Corona virus in South Africa

South Africa just like every other countries of the world is receiving her own hit of this pandemic. Currently the corona virus cases in South Africa has risen to 4,546 cases, with deaths up to 87. Recoveries sit at 1,473, with 4,002 active cases.

South Africa just like every other African country is battling with the the containment of this outbreak with all they have and this has created a lot of hardship and economic downfall to her.

At the moment, there are 5 main Things  happening in South Africa amid the pandemic, both positive and result of this corona virus pandemic and these include:

  1. Police coronavirus concern: As many as 56 police officers in the Western Cape, have tested positive for the coronavirus and several police stations have been placed under 48-hours lockdown while gang warfare has flared up again. A circular forwarded by SAPS management to members has requested them not go near the stations until further notice. Read more in [Daily Maverick]
  2. Spaza shop revolution: Pick n Pay and Shoprite are rolling out spaza shops in townships. Lulama Qongqo, co-founder and independent investment analyst at Midpoint Consulting, told Cape Talk: “They’re cheaper than normal spaza shops… They have the best negotiating power in the country. You’re getting the same price that you would get if you went to town.”
  3. Food shortages: Covid-19 threatens to cause mass starvation in Africa. Conditions vary greatly from country to country, but many struggle to ensure that their citizens have access to basic essentials: soap to clean hands, potable water and nutritious food to keep immune systems strong. 23% of people in sub-Saharan Africa are undernourished.  Read further on  [Bloomberg]
  4. Markets: Global stocks started the week with gains amid signs of positive developments in the fight against the coronavirus and a boost to stimulus measures from the Bank of Japan. The Federal Reserve joins the BOJ and the European Central Bank will announce policy decisions this week as the battle against the pandemic continues with some countries proceeding with steps to relax lockdown measures. The rand traded at R19.07, against the dollar, at 23.62 against the pound, and R20.63 against the euro as South Africa celebrates Freedom Day.
  5. Hard landing: Up to 4,700 employees of South African Airways will need to decide by the end of the week between an employment termination agreement proposed by the state-owned airline’s business rescue practitioners, Les Matuson and Siviwe Dongwana, or whether to take their chances on a “Leadership Compact” agreed to by the government and unions. Read further @[Fin24]

From the above, it could be seen that amid few things that may seem positive happening, South Africa just like other countries of the world is facing a difficult moment now. As at last, South African Government were requesting for the financial assistance of the international organisation and also medical assistance of Cuba.

Amid the pandemic and the current 48 hour lock down of  some police stations, crime has risen tremendously and safety and security becomes jeopardized. However it should be noted that the South African government is currently up and doing and facing the situation squarely.

Below is the global report of the covid 19 cases

Corona virus in South Africa