5 things only modern Yoruba natives can relate to

The Yoruba people, who make up about one-third of the entire population in Nigeria, are unique in not just the way they express culture and tradition but also in the way they carry on themselves in their everyday life.

Over the years, they have passed on these unique traditions and behaviors from generation to generations, and now, even the younger and more modern of the generations find they have to abide by these norms and endure the consequences, no matter how uncomfortable or dire.

5 things only modern Yoruba natives can relate to.

1. The confusion that comes when you are hungry and you don’t know if your Aunty asked you to “heat” or “eat” the food.

2. Hours in the toilet after eating the pepper-saturated ewagoyin at your grandparent’s home.

3. The pain that comes with you having to pay heavily for Asoebi almost every month because all members of family have to.

4. When you travel home for Christmas and your knees are bruised from having to bend or kneel when greeting every older person you meet.

5. The embarrassment when your teacher picks up the register and starts to read out all the Yoruba names your parents, grandparents and ancestors not only gave you, but felt the need to include in your school records.

By Nkem Ndem