5 Quickest steps to acquire South African citizenship as a foreigner within one year

South Africa no doubt is one of the best countries in Africa particularly considering its serenity and the giant economy. As a result of this, many citizens of other African nations and European countries do all within their powers to migrate to South Africa and become a citizen by acquiring the necessary papers. In this article, we shall be discussing the 5 simplest steps to acquiring the South African citizenship.


Living in South Africa alone does not guarantee the acquisition of South African citizenship. It is fundamental to know how to acquire South African citizenship to enable you realize the dream. To acquire South African citizenship, follow these 5 wonderful steps.

  1. Migrate to South Africa: The first step to acquiring South African Citizenship is to first of all migrate and reside in South Africa. This is essential because it brings you close to the country and authority in charge. Living in the country exposes you to the South African culture and acquaints you with the processes to undergo to acquire your citizenship. It should be noted that citizenship can be acquired in different ways, either by marriage or nationalization. To acquire South African Citizenship by nationalization, the intending citizen must live in South Africa for a specific duration and must be free from any criminal record. Therefore, anyone planning to acquire South African citizenship by nationalization must first of all migrate to South Africa , find out the requirements and reside in South Africa for the specified duration.
  2. Get Married to a South African: it should also be pointed out that another quick and assured way to acquire South African Citizenship is by getting married to a South African. This is the procedure always used by men. Most men try to get married to a South African woman to secure South African Citizenship. For  5 simple steps to woo South African woman, click here  and read.  Marriage is one of the most surest way of acquiring South African passport and citizenship.
  3. Set up a business : Every country honor owners of businesses and employers of labor. This is as an honor to their addition and boost to the nation’s economy.
  4. Become an employer of labour: Any legal thing you establish and employ labor increases your chances of acquiring citizenship of the nation involved, South Africa not an exception.
  5. Engage in community and Social development: Community and social development and service is also another way of acquiring south African citizenship. The more you make impact in the nations economy and social development of a country, the better your chances of acquiring citizenship.

It should at this juncture be clearly pointed out that no matter the strategy you are using to pursue South African citizenship, one thing must be maintained and that is clean criminal records. South Africa will never grant you citizenship if you do not have a clean criminal record. This is same with all other countries of the world. Even when you have acquired citizenship, upon commission of crime and being convicted, as a foreigner, you are more likely to lose the citizenship.