GIST: Blaklez Shows The Progress Of His Upcoming Album

Blaklez Upcoming Album

Blaklez Shows The Progress Of His Upcoming Album

Blaklez, popular South African Hiphop/Rap artist Shows The Progress Of His Upcoming Album. The fans of the popoular SA Rapper have been on his neck, demanding for a new track to help them keep busy during this period of lockdown and difficulty.

In  response to this,Brother Bear(Blaklez) has promised to very soon release a hit track to the world.

In the same vein, he has also showcased the progress in his upcoming Album and pleaded with  his fans to exercise just a little patience and be assured that a great work of his will be released soon.

The rapper has been teasing fans with fire collaborations and snippets of his music on social media and lets just say they were left wanting more.

Blaklez has since been hyping his masterpiece to come which is still in the making and, he showed fans how the album that is about to be is coming along so far.

From what Lez revealed in the tweet, it seems to be coming along just right with three songs that have already been approved and two other features that were left blank so we assume that he is still seeing to that.

The album will have ten incredible jams with some dope features that we can look forward to such as Tshego, Reason and Zakwe. What is still left to our imagination or speculation rather is what the album will be titled, a full tracklist and when it will be released.

They say all great things come with time, so we guess the waiting game has officially begun.

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