SA Gist: Cassper VS Emtee: Hip Hop Fans Engage in a heated Argument   on Who The Better Rapper is

Cassper VS Emtee

Cassper VS Emtee: Who is  The Better Rapper ? Hip Hop Fans Argue on Twitter

Cassper VS Emtee: Hip Hop Fans  has recently been engaging in a heated argument as to who is the better rapper between Cassper and Emtee.

As usual Twitter has always been the best place to have heated debates and today’s discussion is amongst SA hip hop fans.

A tweep asked for some help on the platform in choosing who would take the title of best rapper in terms of having the’ whole package’ between Cassper and Emtee.

“Help me guys. Between Cassper Nyovest and Emtee, who comes out top? eg. lyrics or best performer etc” she asked.

See the Tweet below

This sparked one of the biggest debates on twitter which even became a trending topic as hip hop fans came out guns blazing to state who they think should win this round. By the look of things, it’s a ties as both sides raised some pretty valid claims.

What was more interesting is how both rappers don’t really see eye-to-eye as they recently had a fall out where some personal things were said on twitter.

Below are some of the comments from the debate

The argument is endless. Many fans are still tweeting their opinion. It is expected that at the end of this, we can tell who amongst the two artists who has more fans


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